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A near future military dropship concept

A near future military dropship, swooping into warzones under heavy fire to enter or extract troops and light vehicles.

Homework: Assignment

Turntable of the 3D model

Turntable of the model in its flying and landing modes. Landing mode shows the engines rotated and the rear wings opened to expose the rear turbines for VTOL. It also shows the rear cargo hold door open and the landing gear deployed. I wanted the aesthetic of the ship to be bulky and heavily armoured but still looking like it is capable of some speed and relatively manoeuvrable. Proportionally I tried to emulate a rhino/bulldog with a bulky, heavily armoured front and cargo hold and then much smaller and more lightly armoured towards the rear. I also love old WW2 style ball turrets and added two to the front and one above the cargo hold opening to provide fire to the rear while flying and covering fire for anything coming out of the cargo hold.

Embedded video media on Vimeo


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