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Vehicle Concept Art: Lesson 03 - Colin Bridges

This is my homework for Lesson 03 of the Vehicle Concept Art course taught on LearnSquared by Pablo Dominguez. This is the refinement and detail of a vehicle set in a desert environment. It is intended to be a large-capacity public transit vehicle. The story I built around the vehicle is that it is set in a contemporary future where civilization is struggling against climate change, and so there are many more deserts but still the need for public transit. The vehicle includes first class seats in the front (more shielded from the elements) as well as two kinds of propulsion, a large energy-propulsion jet as well as a combination of catamaran-style fins for balance and tank treads and snowmobile-style skis in the front for traversing sand dunes and helping get out of ruts when the engine stalls. The cockpit retracts up above the passenger floor so as to protect the driver from unruly passengers. The rear doors lead to the engine compartment and maintenance area, as well as a small luggage storage area and small restroom. Small antenna placed around the vehicle provide both communications ability as well as information similar to a jet plane such as wind speed, velocity, pitch, roll, and radar. A tarp provides some protection from the elements, but the first class passengers in the front are the ones who are shielded mainly from the desert wind and sand.

Homework: Assignment

Vehicle Concept Art: Lesson 03 - Homework

These models were built originally as block models in Cinema 4D, then brought into ZBrush where I used a variety of methods taught in the course to kitbash and detail the individual parts. My focus was the main exteriors such as the front, the engine, and the fins. I also built slightly less detail into the suspension and undercarriage, as well as interior details such as the cockpit. The greebles were made from a kit of about 50 that I constructed myself, as well as the standard IMM brushes that ship with ZBrush.

Vehicle Concept Art: Lesson 03 homework

Homework: Process

Vehicle Concept Art: Lesson 03 process - base models

These are the original block models I built my final model from. Rendered in Redshift.


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