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Forest Exploration Vehicles

The project was initially done for my previous concept art mentorship, but I would love to take the project to 3D rendering stage. Here are the progress so far. I added variations and colors, and turnaround on this project. The idea of this vehicle is that it will go through forest to extract specimens from high trees.

Homework: Assignment

Explorations Stage

For this project, I really had fun while having my project mentor to guide me with this project, while watching Pablo's lectures. While it's not mentioned to do color rough, variations, and turnaround, I thought I'd include all of my process of the vehicles here too. At first I was not sure where to take the vehicle concept as it was my first concept art project, however I had a lot of fun going through all the process.

Homework: Extra Credit
Homework: Process

Main References used

The references used is more than uploaded here

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Additional References used


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