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The Gods raised us up and gave us light. But now the Gods are dead.

Ymir The Shaper - Part 1

Homework: Assignment

Ymir The Shaper - Part 1

Project Sköll is a visual storytelling collaboration between myself and Jim Horlock.

'The Gods raised us up and gave us light. But now the Gods are dead.
Amongst the desolate wildlands, the Free Cities still glow. But for how long?
While the Free Jarls cling to power, desperate raiders scavenge fallen settlements, lost temples and even the bodies of dead Gods and monsters for anything that will save them from the coming darkness.
Old monsters have reclaimed much of the wildlands. Trolls stalk human prey from their caves. Völva conduct profane rituals to ensure their own survival. Radioactive ghosts stalk broken cities.
And every day Sköll inches closer to devouring the sun.'

- Jim Horlock

Part One - The Old Gods, focuses on the gods of this dying world and what became of them. We'll tell their tales through concept art and story driven narratives, starting with Ymir The Shaper. Each god in the series will have 4/6 stills.

The remaining parts to this journey will be posted throughout the remainder of January and the start of February! Each line tells more secrets into this mythical world.


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