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Unreal Landscape Environment

All the assets are using Brushify Tools, Megascans, assets from UE4 Marketplace, and Location Textures.
I did iterate a lot with the lighting setup in the process, to find the lighting that I like. And at the end, this final lighting is inspired by one of the environment scenes I saw in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Hope you enjoy the artwork, and I also open for any question and feedback. Thank you! :)

Homework: Assignment

Unreal Environment Assignment

Tried a lot of different lighting setup, but at the end bright and day is the one I chose to go with!
And for the man-made asset I feel the city pack was not suitable for the environment theme, so I picked one of alien-looking rock from Megascans and made it bigger XD.
The original intention of the environment is from this photo:
Quiraing, Portree, UK
But at the end I changed and modified a lot of things


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