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Night City Outskirts, Cyberpunk Badlands

Recreating Cyberpunk 2077's night city's Nomad Badlands

Homework: Assignment

Polishing, matching the reference's color grading

Matching the horizon and heightfog to the game, adding post-processing touchups on color grading and fake lights. After forcing no precomputed lights, renders with ray-tracing.

Homework: Process

Scene Progression

The idea to create a canyon highway were always been there, I always wanted to have the exact composition of a city in the distant, and a straight road as the focal line. The idea behind it is to portray a contrast transition between the city and countryside. While adding props in, I imagined this scene to be either an abandoned or unfinished construction project. Then the game came out, and I'm picking the Nomad's lifepath.


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