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Howl's Secret Meadow ~ Unreal Project

Originally I was planning to develop a very specific kind of wetland as depicted in my mood board from lesson 1, but quickly realised the assets I needed weren't available for the project making it out of reach for now.
Changing tact, I elected to draw inspiration from Howl's Secret Meadow.

I'm not really happy with the flower arrangement but at this point I've really loaded the file up and my computer is getting pretty slow. I've kind of worked out how to fix that/not do it the same again next time so at this point I'm really happy with what I've learned from this project so far and I'm ready to move on to something else, reusing these skills again to create something more polished next time.

All in all though, first time using a 3d software and I've enjoyed it! :-)

Homework: Assignment

Make it pretty.

I decided to not re add the nice reflections that get taken away when removing AA only because I didn't feel I had the focus to stay with this image any longer. Something I'll be sure to do in future projects.

Note the loose reference image. I'll need to focus on colour/lighting more next time as well.

Thanks @ joe for the course so far!

Homework: Process


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