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Nothing breaks into the Monolith. Not the ice, and certainly not a mech.
Homework: Assignment

Homework 01: Set the Mood

These are my initial thoughts, feelings and inspirations. Information on the page reads:

Theme: Manmade vs Organic. Living in a rural area that’s surrounded by powerstations, I’ve always been fascinated with the vast monolithic concrete cooling towers that
interrupt the fields and woodland.

Location: Frozen Wilderness. I want to look at a location that is covered in snow and frost, but also has some water, such as a stream or a shoreline. Valley circled by network of dark mountains and rocky terrain.

Architecture: Modern/Sci-fi. I want to follow this theme of a monolithic building punctuating the landscape, and I love brutalist architecture, similar to those ‘ugly’ concrete powerstations. I’d also like to weave in some narrative, have some kind of mechanised walkers stalking through the wilderness, either guarding the monolithic building or attacking, maybe neither!

Atmosphere: Overcast. I want it to be overcast and cloudy, but more towards that blanket flatness reserved for more foggy or misty environments to offer more of an air of mystery.


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