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A short journey through a misty and barren landscape
Homework: Assignment

Asset Zoo

I've compiled a range of assets from Megascans and various other scenes and content packs that I've been collecting from the Free monthly content on the Unreal Marketplace.
I also made a preliminary custom asset to use as a monumental structure within the scene which might change depending on how it works in the environment. I'll alo likely need to build some additional custom assets further down the line for the road and bridge that I'd like in the scene

Homework: Extra Credit


I'm drawing heavy inspiration from the photography of Todd Hido, the illustrations of Yuri Shwedoff and the Brutalist Spomeniks of former Yugoslavia to hopefully create a unique sense of desolation and mystery in a playable environment. The final section is designed to work as a type of storyboard progression to guide me through the different stages of the level.


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