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Homework: Assignment

Creating the Hallway scene

My adaptation of Daniel Thiger's hallway set. I wanted to make a scene that felt brighter and more inviting. I used warmer lighting to make the set more comfortable, subtle volume rays tp help direct the eye and pops of white to help open up the set.

One of the takeaways I really enjoyed from this course was the use of procedural setups that I could link to other textures. This allowed me to keep consistency between many elements/scenes or bank a series of creative options to save time later.

I would have added more objects to the scene but Marmoset combined with the hallway set really taxed my machine more then I was expecting. I ended up using Nuke at the end to dial in my renders from Marmoset to give them a small amount of flair and final polish.

Homework: Extra Credit

Before and After Compositng

These are some quick screen grabs I pulled out of Nuke showing the before and afters. The original render is on the left while the final comp is one the right.

Homework: Process

Discovering the look

These are some renders from various stages of the project where I was really trying to discover what I wanted to do with the scene. I found the black color dominated the space too much and made the whole environment less inviting. The back gate wall could come off a little to busy with the cylinder texture added in and could take away from the viewer. I decided to just make the gate wall a simpler red wall with fancy crown molding.

I ran into various issues with Marmoset the more I added to it. I ended with roughly 30 lights... I know I know. At some stage, my lights just stopped working and would blow out if I pressed undo (CTRL+Z). This along with random shifting planes and slow performance made the final stretch of this project more complicated then I'd have liked. If you ever do run into the weird Marmoset blown out lights or shadows looking weird. Turn all your lights off (starting top to bottom) then turn them all back on from Bottom to top. Then try and avoid pressing Ctrl+Z as long as you can ;)

I also went through a ton of iterations on the windows final texture and shape. Often what looked visually appealing, didn't produce the shadows I wanted. What produced the shadows I wanted, didn't reflect the rim lights I setup anymore. In the end I composited a few renders together to get the look I wanted to achieve and replace some the last minute fixes.


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