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Lab Scene

Creating a padded corridor and lab scene with a game engine using substance designer, substance painter,blender and Unity

Homework: Assignment

Took some time to create but here is my lab using what I’d learnt from the course. The final project was a HD pipeline game scene created in unity starting with very little game engine knowledge. I wanted to develop my low poly to high poly baking skills, UV mapping, texturing and to then learn the basics of lightmapping / reflection probes use.  Finally basic particle effects like floating dust and sparks. Sadly not as pretty as marmoset views but it runs around 60fps at 1080p

Substance design parts include 3x walls types ,2x floor types ,5x ceiling, 2x window, 2 x doors

Counted about 60 assets modeled and textured up.

All screenshots are from in game with a video walkthrough as well. Feel free to download the scene and wander around yourself. I’d advise a R9 380 or GTX1060. Esc to exit, wasd to move. I’ve removed the collider mesh for the door with the red lights. Zipped file is 600mb, uncompressed it will be 1.5gb

Game Scene Link:

Quite a learning curve and a project I’ve enjoyed working and learning on

 Wish me luck with game dev jobs.

Laboratory Walkthrough

Homework: Additional Content

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