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Follow-along scene for marmoset toolbag render

quite new to substance designer, thus I'm following along the tutorial more than what I had to. I will create some future project in this format, with the same technique, probably with different theme altogether; The quick scene assembly on UE4 is not optimized, yet, so .exe will be uploaded once I'm happy with the performance, with raytracing on.

Homework: Assignment

Creating a Marmoset Vista

created similar scene on marmoset with different lighting from DeTe's.

Homework: Extra Credit

Scene assembly in UE4

placing some assets from my UE library to create a spaceship interior, with some Chinese flares on it.

Homework: Additional Content

Texture Pattern Deviation

Tutorial suggest for a deviation on material and texture pattern from the tutorial's, the gate and it's wall then deviates from ones DeTe created using the same techniques of the other parts of the scene.


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