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Homework: Assignment

Create a Sci-Fi Panel

After gaining and base understanding of Substance Designer's approach we were tasked with creating a sci-fi panel of some sort and I opted for a Star War Imperial inspired light panel. Adding to the simplicity of the typically grey matte texture by giving the materials a more Art Deco feel with subtle leather, outlines and gold trim. We were also tasked with creating damage and wear with these parameters promoted to a universal control. So with the flick of a single switch you can select either a slightly used or heavily aged version of the exact same material. Creating the pill capsule light shapes all procedurally was quite the challenge but worth it in the end as it's quickly customizable as you can see in the single variant.

Homework: Extra Credit


Tweaking a few parameters I was able to easily create this floor panel variant using the same base node structure. I simply swapped the emissive output it for an opacity output which allowed it to quickly become a floor grate. Very happy with the results. And the time spend creating a procedural capsule pattern paid off here as it was a few quick number changes and viola.

Homework: Process


Still trying to get better at staying organized but one thing in particular I'm starting to like is the "switch" node. Allowing me to basically cut off an entire stream with a single button which allows for me to easily create damage or wear variants and with a single switch turn them on or off. By exposing them all to the same single parameter at the graph level it cascades to multiple switches in the node graph itself, which saves time hunting for each individual switch to turn on or off.


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