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Lesson 2: Metal Panels

I haven't really thought about Warhammer 40k in some years, but as I experimented with colors I landed on what I can only describe as the quintessential Space Marine blue. I mostly stuck with the kind of detail Javier covered in earlier sections of the lesson, tweaking and adjusting them as I went. I wasn't terribly impressed with SD's default tools to make shapes follow a path/shape (as demoed by Javier), i.e. caution stripes on the cable, so I purchased MV_Follow_Me by Marco Vitale for $3. It was well worth it and allowed me to produce the kind of effect I wanted. Otherwise, I made a quick recording of myself demoing the exposed parameters in Substance Player.

Homework: Assignment


I attached a high-res screenshot of my graph and also a close-up of a better method to visualize curves using the Cross Section node. For the Cross Section node, I found that you get smoother results with a gradient plugged-in, rather than relying only on the Curve node (not sure why).

Space Marine Blue Panels


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