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Warning: Dangerous Metal Floors

Currently I've only adding my recreation of the lesson. I'll update this section in a few days with an all original metal tile pattern.

This lesson was fairly fun and but dives into quite a lot technical tricks. Somethings I'd hoped we'd expand upon lesson 1 are addressed here, especially when it comes to dealing with height maps and mattes for color. My scripts are looking a lot cleaner but I still want more options with coloring pipes to better help tell which path goes to what end. My setup spans so far right that it doesn't allow me to zoom out more.

I was surprised how well this pattern tiles onto everything from floors to life preservers. Even my exposed wires allowed for some interesting placements, continuing along and over edges with little effort to make it all line up. I thought it'd be fun to use the interesting grunge pattern that streaks as a sort of super wet blood pass. After setting the color all I needed to do was blend the alpha into the roughness and metal about 25% which gave me some nice results. I love how it looks to be pooling into the crack and crevices. I also setup a few Exposed switches to better control the damage dents, turn on and off the blood/dirt/wire, and control the wetness of the overall cube.

Next I'll attempt to recreate my own design from scratch and really try and cement some of these ideas into my brain. Stay Tuned.


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