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For the first assignment I chose to create a repeating subway tile as the many references I've looked over usually have a great level of layers to them. From chips and cracks to moisture and water damage. Old, grungy and neglected subway tiles presented a challenge I was eager to take on with a result I'm very happy with.

Homework: Assignment

Create a Tiling Pattern

Spend some time getting to know the UI of Substance Designer and familiarizing myself with the different nodes. Then, create a tiling brick pattern with some damage.

Homework: Extra Credit


My ultimate goal was to make a versatile substance graph that with a few simple tweaks I could both change the level and type of damage as well as alter it entirely from say square to rectangular and have everything cascade properly with minimal fine details needing to be tweaked.

Homework: Process


I'm typical incredibly unorganized as I try to iterate and then once I'm happy with a result I'll go back and clean things up. I'm trying to be better at keeping myself organized as I go through but it's definitely a learning curve. I also discovered the "SWITCH" node which is great for being able to use one node graph for all three variations. This allows me to turn on and off the appropriate masks, colors, decals etc.


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