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Homework: Assignment

Assignment #1

Herringbone walkway - Straight Brick Mix
From the introduction to completion, I wanted to get Javier's workflow down. From what I gathered this was a very constructive approach on how to tackle patterns right down to damage. I then added my own flare to it looked up some references and came out with this result. Hope you enjoy.

Homework: Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Dual Basketweave Brick Pattern
Made multiple patterns in the middle of the videos like Javier said and I already had a multiple basket weave made. However, I didn't have a double pattern made. What made this fun to do was this caused me to think a bit due to the fact I didn't actually know how to get the pattern to work in the way I wanted. Once I figured that out I went back through the process and made a more sterile substance that I'm proud of. I hope you enjoy this as well.


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