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Unreal Landscape Course Progress

A collection of images showing the process of the Unreal course as i go through it

Homework: Additional Content

Foliage and Rock Mapping

Foliage Creation and maps along with the maps for the rocks


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This is looking great! Really great distribution of large to smaller detail arrangement composition and sculpting in the round to make sure all sides get good interesting shapes. Also seeing allot of great sharp angles to catch planes for when you put some Z up material features like sand or snow in UE4 :)

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Thanks for the feedback!, I made a couple more rocks with lots of different angles to show off. You said in the tutorial you want to get enough mileage out of an asset as you can, so that's what I was aiming for with the 2 new ones, But Im unsure if they look like there's "Too much" going on now. I have seen rocks before which look crazy especially up in the mountains but I cant decide if I've gone too much with it. Any thoughts?