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The Witcher Main Title Sequence

Here are the first couple of frames of what hopefully would become a title sequence for the Netlix series based on the Witcher's books.

It took me forever to source the models. But hey! I learned how to extract OBJ's from a game in the process. I'm looking to model the chess set myself later on. For now I'm working with "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" game assets. So all credits goes to CD Project RED for making such a kick-ass game!

I really wanted to add a freezing texture growing on the Wild Hunt's models as well as adding a dry ice smoke effect. But after playing around with Houdini Apprentice, I think I'll need to put that for later. There is so much to learn!

Homework: Process


I ended up singling the metaphor of a chess game to highlight the battle between good and evil.


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