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The Witcher - Main Title Sequence

I’ve been an avid fan of the Witcher since the first game release; since then I have read all the novels and played all the games. I was extremely exited when Netflix got the rights to make a TV Series and Henry Cavil was starring in it.

After I watched the Series, and seeing there was no title sequence it dawned on me that there was an opportunity to create my passion project.

Homework: Assignment

Styleframe Board

Homework: Extra Credit

Animated Main Title Sequence

Witcher Main Title Sequence

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A chess set implies a play with blacks and whites. I loved the work of Imaginary Forces on Black Sails and wanted to dive deep into texturing.

For the light pieces, after trying some silver, alabaster and marble I ended up deciding to go with an ivory material. Ivory was also used on the Lewis Chessmen. (Chess pieces from the 12th century.)

The Dark pieces were more straight forward. I based my material on old bronze statues that had worn of edges.


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Your animated sequence is so good. The shot at :18 where multiple pieces move is great. The movement is really impressive. I like how the movement is smooth and has easing, but you also added a noise or something to make it look like its almost bumping against the board. Would be interested to know how you did that. It looks so natural.

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Hey Frank. I'm sorry I just saw your comment now. It's actually a simple vibrate tag that I animated on and off in sync with the motion. I added this after watching the breakdown of HUNTER's title sequence on Art Of The Title. They went with the real dynamics on this one which was too much for my machine.

And if you want to see the full breakdown, my Behance post is actually quite intense.