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Lighting practice

I worked with different lighting set ups and light temperatures to achieve diferente looks. The main goal was to achieve the idea of bring the most values of light possible along the render, and get rid of this idea of have everything completely bright. I lost the fear of the dark areas.

Homework: Assignment

Styleframes - 1 Point Light Setup

Since the beginning, playing with just one light could bring a lot of great results. Understand how to set up one light, makes easy to move forward with 2 or more lights setups challenges. Black and white renders are super interesting to understand and measure easely the level of light values.

Homework: Extra Credit

Styleframes - 3 Point Light Setup

Playing with 3 lights was very challenging. I learn how to setup one by one, and then understand how they mix together. The warm vs cold lights make and interesting constrasts which work wonderful with the extra help of a neutral rim light.


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