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For my homework in the Light Principles Lesson, I used the same core materials as before but with updated colours and parameters. In the case of the core assignment, I did most of the modifications to change the mood a little bit. Textures for the extra credit and extended study were primarily adapted to fit a new mesh better.

Homework: Assignment

Illumination I

When exploring the setups with a single light, I looked for the most distinctly different ideas while maintaining the same camera angle. I tried to create a story within each frame with a mood of its own.

Homework: Additional Content

Illumination II

Working with multiple light sources, I pushed forward what I found most interesting in previous explorations. For the stone sculpture of Thetis, it meant a melancholic, low-key look, and with the horse's head, I tried a much more dramatic and dynamic style.

Homework: Additional Content

Study on Rembrandt's Light

Paintings of masters always were a great inspiration for me, and when it comes to lighting, Rembrandt stood out as one of the most captivating. In this study, I tried to recreate the mood of his Old Man With a Gold Chain using UE 5 and applying as little post-production as possible.

Homework: Additional Content

Extended Study

Like in the Extra Credit in the Extended Study, I also decided to create lighting based on the existing imagery. This time I was referencing Destiny's Witch Queen marketing key visual created by the outstanding Joseph Biwald ( To complement the light and fill the environment around Cthulhu, I used assets from Quixel Megascans.

Homework: Additional Content

Extended Study - Process

Scene set up for Cthulhu's styleframe & Joseph Biwald's artwork I'm referencing (


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