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Complex Textures Creation

For this assignment I've been working in Octane for Blender 3, utilizing techniques that instructor Zaoeyo taught us.

Homework: Assignment

Stone & Bronze Textures

For stone textures I've used a big node tree, utilizing at least 8 unique textures to create the maximum level of variety. Texture is split into 3 parts, - Base, Dirt and Moss, which was especially fun to make utilizing falloff node.

And as for bronze texture, for base I used initial stone texture, tweaking it accordingly.

Models from Threedscans "Drame au d├ęsert" & Sketchfab "Maria Immaculata"

Homework: Extra Credit

Lapis/Ceramics Texture

As for extra credit texture I wanted to make something unique, the choice was Lapis Lazuli. However, due to complexity of this material, in my version it turned out to look more like ceramics, but I really liked it so I thought why not leave it as a mix of these two :p

Model from Sketchfab "Lewis Chess"

Homework: Process

Stone & Bronze Texture's Node Networks

Made in Octane for Blender

Homework: Additional Content

Extended Study

For last 4th texture I made worn pig iron, trying to remake Skyrim's Alduin's Wall texture.

Model from Sketchfab "Kriegerdenkmal"


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