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These boiz sure are bronze

This is my first assignment on Learn Squared. Looking forward to the more advanced stages in all these classes!

Homework: Assignment

Stone to Bronze

Adding some stills of the creation of the bronze material from the stone material we created. I also added some other lights and did a rough 3 point lighting setup.

Homework: Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Made a paint texture with some rust for the extra credit. It felt like something that you would find in the water, so I also made a water material. I also added a halo light..because why not.

Homework: Process

Stone texture

This is the stone material I created during the class instruction before moving to the bronze.

Homework: Additional Content

Extra for reference

When I opened up cinema, I quickly grabbed a model and a 1 light setup. I really liked this composition and the simplicity of the 1 light setup. Reminded me of Westworld. Just wanted to upload it here for my reference later in case I want to expand on this.


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