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Hi :) For my first homework and the whole course, I choose to work in Unreal Engine 5. I made all the materials directly in UE5, trying to replicate Zaoeyo's workflow in Octane. For colour grading of final renders, I used Photoshop. As the main asset, I used meshes downloaded from Environments are using photo scans from the Quixel library.

Homework: Assignment

Stone to Bronze

I took inspiration for my first material from a sandstone, used widely in ancient times for sculpting. Along with the base material, I also created a simplified variant that I used to texture the background. The alternate variant also mixes in the normal map of the Quixel asset to retain more of the original detail. Afterwards, I repeated the same process with a bronze surface, designing main and backdrop variants of the same material.

Homework: Extra Credit


Following the motif of antique-inspired textures, the third material I studied was marble. My main goal was to create a varied surface with pink and yellowish undertones that still appeared clean and uniform.

Homework: Additional Content

Extended Study

Like in "Stone to Bronze" and "Extra Credit", I followed the same general workflow when developing black stone material. Beyond replicating what Zaoeyo did in his study, I tried to also enrich the texture with embers of molten stone on the edges. You can see this effect in the final frames of the original Skyrim announcement trailer, right after the dragon's fiery roar.
The environment used in this part of the homework also uses an alternate version of the material used on the main asset. The secondary variant is slightly toned down compared to the main and has mixed in the original albedo from the Quixel library - to create a more realistic outcome.


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