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Sacred Temple on Mountain

In this study I explored the theme of sacred temples of such isolated in the mountains.

I found the first round sketching and thumbnails a lot easier than the final polished piece that I haven't included as I spent too long and felt like I was going in circles.
I think my problem was I put too much detail in my thumbnails that I felt restricted creating my final version. In future I'll put less detail in the thumbnails and save all that time for the 2nd round. I also approach the final piece like a thumbnail using a paint brush that didn't help me make those clean lines, so in future I'll stick to a nice clean brush to make those nice lines.

I also included my revision notes I decided to do afterwards. I like the videos when Aaron goes over the students work finding ways to improve them so I decided to do the same for mine. At first I thought I would struggle to find ways to improve them and me being bias to my own work would be a challenge, but as I began more ideas started flowing and before I knew it I already had a long list of ideas how to improve each one.

Even though the final piece was never completed I still learnt a lot and am proud of how far I've already come and the improvements I made through the course.

Homework: Assignment

Study exploring the theme of sacred temples isolated in the mountains.


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