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Beginner: Sketch 1-5 hard-surfaced environments using photo reference of observation from life. Try and vary the compositions, and focus on a variety of subjects such as architecture, machinery, vehicles, etc. Make all the sketches different to keep it interesting for you.

Homework: Assignment

Sketches of simple structures

The sketches were done in 2019. I had picked simple structures - which still gave me a hard time. Hopefully I can push myself further and sketch more complex subjects.


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Excellent work Ji Mun! These are super clean looking. I particularly love how well you're able to control line weight to convey depth in the European castle image. I'm trying to work on that personally, I can't quite get it down yet.

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Thank you Nick. I definitely learned how to slightly sketch neater through this assignment.

I found it easy to increase line weight later. Maybe you can draw all the lines lightly, and then revisit at the end and pick the ones that should be emphasized?