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Exploring Trees rooted into Worlds

Mixing the naturally found blood tree tops with different type of tree roots, making it all higher scale to give the sense of mystique and magnitude. Roots being a helping part to shape the scenery.

Homework: Assignment

Sketching natural environments

Invent 3 different natural environments.

Homework: Process

Exploring mixture of nature.

Taking canyon shape and making tree shaped like it has been initial idea. Then finding the shapes from nature or inventing it was further exploration. I love playing with roots. I was struggling with defining detail on larger boulders of rock on the last one especially and shaping larger boulders of canyon too. Focused on these to remain and explore style presented in the lesson and trying to make it my own as it goes with added line work. Definitely want to spend a lot of time referencing the rocks and detail next as further homework exploration to begin with.


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