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Seaside Cliff, Mountain and Desert Canyon Sketches

Something I've noticed and appreciated whilst going through this course is Aarons appreciation for things, he will make comments about how cool shapes, elements, composition are. This attitude is contagious and gave me a great perspective as I did my sketches, I began appreciating small details in nature, unique patterns, fascinating formations of rocks etc.

On top of that I really enjoyed applying what we learned last lesson about creating shapes, making simple forms and then texture grouping. It really helped me sketch these 3 images with a lot more ease and I see I've improved already a lot.

The following 3 sketches are:
1. Seaside cliff
2. Mountain
3. Desert Canyon

I learned a lot about nature and sketching, an exercise I really enjoyed.

Homework: Assignment

Sketching Natural Environments

In these 3 sketches I chose images that had variation, interesting elements and in my opinion good composition. In all them I really enjoyed working on the things Aaron taught in the latest lesson starting with basic shapes, making simple forms and then texture grouping, also achieving accurate perspective and contour lines.

1. Seaside Cliff - Aaron talked about reusing elements to make things easier, once I completed one area of the water I then copied it a few times and used it again over the rest of the image, then I went over and did final details to not have any obvious repeat of patterns. It's not perfect but I think it would be enough information to get the idea.
2. Mountain - I really enjoyed this one and happy with how it turned out, I felt all Aaron was teaching came together in this sketch. At first the tiny details were getting to me on the main mountain and I felt there was an easier way to achieve this sketch, so I returned to the Primitive Shape lesson and focused on big shapes, then smaller and smaller until I could finish with finer details. This technique saved a lot of time, simplified things and gave me better results than what I expected.
3. Desert - Combing all I learnt from the last 2 sketches I thought this image would be good to sketch. Same challenge as the Mountain with the fine details, so what I did was completed one small area of the cliff and then used the clone stamp tool to "paste" that texture under all the other areas where the cliff is. Then using my existing shape sketches I simply went over and pretty much blocked out the higher and lower values and finer details.

In conclusion I think my biggest lesson is simplifying things, I don't want to get caught up in all the fine details, that then slows me down. Instead my goals is to be able to deliver clear sketches with how ever much or little time I may have.


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