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Indicating Form & Light

In this first attempt to sketch I focused on composition, form and lighting, INDICATE being the major word. As a person, who has been into 3D Vfx for a decade and barely touched the drawing for years, this has been quite a challenge. I focused on First lesson to practice more rather than hurrying to listen to the next one. Here I share only couple of sketches and thought process behind it. Courses first chapter with added feedback of student’s work has been incredibly helpful. I know it will take a lot of practice to make it second nature, however having those grounding points in the back of my mind helps understand how to practice in the first place.

Homework: Assignment

Sketch different environments from references

As the first assignment requested, I tried different styles, yet these seemed so far closest to my natural rhythm so far. I did focus the most on changing the composition and using the best out of references. What was of the greatest help and a challenge is playing with perspective and indicating the most essential forms without overloading sketch with detail.
For the one with some skyscrapers I imagined one of them being integrated into the mountain and the little ones being at it’s top. Then I realized I have to be extra careful with scale as the skyscraper (main one) has to be enormously gigantic for it all to make sense. I may come back to that sketch to refine it later.
For the icy mountain and waterfall flowing through ice, I feel the mountain form and lighting could be more defined, but I did struggle with how at this point, therefore I will continue throughout the course and more practice on different environments.

The last one was actually the first sketch I tried to do quick and with completely different style. I believe my brain took charge of repetitive trees however and slight mess of indicating shadow vs light.

To be quite frank, none of these (or other) took 15 min each, as there is still too little practice for brain to know intuitively what works. All future relies on practice.

Homework: Additional Content


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