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3 Sketches from around the world

Despite Aaron's warning, as a beginner I fell into the trap of wanting to do the advance level and extra credit! That mistake cost me a few days but taught me a valuable lesson to not strive for over achieving, but instead constant learning and momentum. Even so once I finish the beginner level of the course I can always come around and do the advance level afterwards.

About my sketches, I thought a good place to start but still create original images is to use images that I took from my travels around the world. In these sketches my goal was to not achieve perfection but to simply reach a point where it could communicate what was going on in the images. Good lesson to help practice perspective, scale, lighting and depth all within a reasonable time frame.
1. Kolkata India, Sunset rooftops.
2. Central Asia, Himalaya Mountain Range
3. Papua New Guinea, Gas plant.

Congrats to everyone else completing the homework assignment, I really enjoyed viewing everyone else's and the supportive community

Homework: Assignment

Understanding Sketching: Lesson 1


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