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Beginner Sketching Practice

Enjoying learning new techniques and ways of thinking about sketching. I'm a total beginner and seeing everybody else's work is a little bit intimidating, but also very motivating to try and get good. :-) Glad that this course is making me feel like developing my skills is attainable.

Homework: Assignment

Value Studies

First time I've ever done a drawing other than just a simple line drawing, so blocking in these reference images with light values rather than through line was really exciting. Cool new technique.

I had a go at creating my own drawing from scratch, just using reference images to help me put it together. I found it was surprisingly difficult to create a good composition from scratch and I think I drew 6 or 7 compositions before arriving at one I felt partly comfortable with. Looking forward to constructing more scenes in the future with these new skills!

Homework: Additional Content
Homework: Additional Content


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