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Lesson 1 - Value Based Sketching
Homework: Assignment

Beginner: Sketch 3 environments of your choosing.

Hi All, 

I have been working through these in the last couple of days, to be able to explore and find the right style for myself was really hard. I was able to explore all the different styles mentioned in the lecture however found myself gravitating towards the more value based style. therefore the assingment is mainly focused on that, to be able to draw in just value is immensely enlightening, I think the main goal of this lesson was for students to explore their own individualistic styling and how to practice and implement on their preferred style. I have learned a very valuable insight through practice, to see solely in value and just draw in broader shapes whilst implementing prespective and atmospheric prespective was highly challenging but i think i have done a decent job of it.

Feedback would be very much appreciated, if you liked it please let me know. If you didnt please provide me with things that could be improved upon and i need more practice on. I will keep posting more as progress through more of these please stay tuned. Your feedback is paramount so please drop a sentence below to let me know what you thought of it.

Many Thanks,



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