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Homework: Assignment


My main reason for signing up for this course is to force myself to get back to a more methodical workflow. I tend to have a somewhat "shoot from the hip" concept workflow with my professional work which can be a detriment to good design and efficiency.

My Goal was to really take the time and analyze the volumes and spaces in my reference photos and treat them more as volumes in order to create more depth and compelling concepts. I tend to flatten environments in final paintings so doing this really made me realize how much taking a few hours to really map out the forms can save time later on.

I found that I was gravitating towards using a rough color coded line work to describe forms and then going back in with simple lines, values and texture to finish. Again, adhering to methodical steps was my goal.

I didn't get as much into the actual design aspect as I would have liked but now that the cobwebs are dusted off I'm eager to make this a part of my every day workflow, and I'm eager to start in on lesson 2. This class has made me pick up my old paper sketchbook and analog tools for fun again for the first time in a while. The class is super cool!


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