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This sanctuary is a place of contemplation, meditation, maybe pilgrim but there is something oppressing in the air, maybe because of the mystery that surrounds the religious order which is dwelling here.
It's an ambiguous place.
To enhance this feeling, the architectural style used is inspired by brutalism mixed with mannered details, an outdated architectonic mixed with some futuristic elements.

Homework: Assignment

I had ideas on both interior and exterior so I wanted to explore those two aspects at the same time to make the building more consistent.
The main of the building is settled on the water, surrounded by nature. The whole site is a part of a big city (like those big parks you can find in Tokyo) so sometimes you can only see vegetation but far buildings could appear behind the outlines of the trees.
Although there is still a lot to define maybe I’ve been too far in modeling and this sketch phase spilled out on the production one.


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