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Cyberpunk Main Metro Station

I chose to approach the design cyberpunk age, creating modernism, futuristic megalopolis, and central metro station on this task. It is the station where residents are essential to take the train to travel around the city. The government has assumed it and privileged the police to monitor the residents’ tracks, control transportation systems, and secure the town secretly. They claim to bring peace, freedom and justice to ensure security and continuing stability to society.

Homework: Assignment

Processing on my task

I searched the contemporary brutalism building to see how I can fit with my creation of metro station and combination of the building. I wanted the central metro station to be vast and eye-catching, but the government and police operated secretly at the central metro station from inside and outside the station.

I collected the images of the metro station and other architectural buildings to seek more inspiration for the project. I also draw rough sketches to see if I could find good ideas for my building structures.

I preferred to do completed work that can present my work and different version of architecture designs to the clients or directors, so I decided to continue lesson 2 and design the surrounding environment, showing how the city looks in the cyberpunk age.


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