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Spooky FBI Retro Building

Based on the given brief I chose contemporary alien, brutalism modernism, plutocracy and government HQ. I wanted a little more storytelling so I decided to add 90's influences (retro futurism), and the idea that Earth is so polluted that the ground floor is condemned.

Homework: Assignment

Lesson 01 Homework

First I gathered references for the project and assembled the more helpful ones on a moodboard. I looked for 90's brutalist buildings, mostly from americans, japanese and soviet influences. I also kept a close eye on the actual/real FBI HQ building to keep the right general mood.

For the sketches, during the last step in photoshop I directly played with colours and materials to explore what could be done with glass and concrete, as it really helps me for this exercise to emphasise the readability.

I am not really satisfied by the result of the final sketch. Not because of the idea but because of how things look mixed together. I intend to fix that in 3D for lesson 02.

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