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Lesson 1 Homework

Brief : The Director needs a Futuristic Military Building using Metabolist and Modernist style of architecture, it should look strong and bunker-like Aesthetic

Homework: Assignment

Sketches and References

When beginning my search for references i came across the work of Kenzo Tange on Metabolism, looking through images the discovered Sachio Otany┬┤s Work and the ICC Kyoto (international conference center building).
there were so many things i liked about that building that wanted to try something similar, it looked a bit Random yet with purpose, and it looked really strong.
i did the 3 sketches asked but when I was going to do the 4th one I really could not decide which ones and how to blend so i tried different options the same way i normally do at work.

Homework: Extra Credit

Warmup Designs Asset Moddeling

Homework: Additional Content



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