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Modular Space colony

The main residential structure in a new colony where new settlers can come and add new modules as they see fit to make it their own, and so doing the building a every changing ever growing creature, adapting to the needs of the settlers and keeping up with the growth of the colony.

Homework: Assignment

Modular Arrangements

Keeping up with the metabolist idea of an organic building that can change and evolve with time and adding the current ideas for space colonisation in non-ideal atmospheres i explored different approaches for modular buildings all based on actual metabolist references like Dentsu Building (1961), Habitat 67 and Capsule towers and some sci-fi elements from Nasa.

Homework: Extra Credit

3D Warmups

Details modeled from references

Homework: Process


Exploration for modules referencing beehives and 3d printing technologies, trying to take into account life sustaining technologies like green houses, and solar energy.

Homework: Additional Content

References and Assets

References of both Metabolist architecture and current concepts for space colonies in the future i used for the creation of modular assets.


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