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The last candle takes the leave
Homework: Assignment

This lesson was really useful as I am always find difficult the post production polishing and refining. I think that, altough I worked too much on this painting, the feeling that I wanted to achieve in the original line sketch is framed. I pushed a lot the colors and the vibrancy, darkened the image a bit more and refined some shapes in the clothing of the carachters and the buildings. I am not fully satisfied by the trees, but in the end the whole image works fine.
The true aim for me was recreate the "sacred ambience" from the brief with this colorful and satured sunset by the river, with all the lanterns floating away in the darkness. One of the moment of the day that I like the most is indeed sunset, it is a magical or sacred moment for me the transition from day to night: it's a moment when the two indeed coexist for a brief moment.

Thanks for this opportunity!

Homework: Process

Edit post course

After taking this class I tried to apply what I have learned, speaking of process, composition and other fundamentals with another project. Here it is "Soaring".


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