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Final exercise

So as I shifted my goal for lesson 3, I then decided to continue to develop the short story. I focused more on how to get the results for the course.

Homework: Assignment

Finishing a short story.

So I had this short story I came up with after moving away from my initial idea. My thumbnails and researches made me do around 6-8 paintings exploring different cameras of view, colors, values, etc. But as this was the first time I was experimenting, I decided to cut the story in half and I just did 4 paintings.

One of my difficulties during the course was the HUGE amount of brushes we got from the teacher but unfortunately, he did name them or curate them. So I was frustrated at first to not know what brush will help me for a specific task.

I uploaded the images in the right order so enjoy. They have been cropped by L2 Website, so you can check my artstation if you desire to see them in a better way.


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