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Dark Tones
Industrial Revolution

Homework: Assignment

Final Details :

A few more changes were needed to really flush out the painting, alot of work has gone into material rendering especially the coblestone pavement which was painted by hand brick by brick, it took alot of hours and patience but i think the end result was worth it, with inclusion of crowds to bring everything together, overall im very happy with the piece though a few more defining details could be added i.e facial features for the main crowd etc. Alot of colour correction and post processing was needed as i felt the piece was too dark and did come out very dark looking at it on different displays, i do think it came out well.

I am pretty happy so far with the painting as it was a long drawn out process due to other commitments and not necessarily a lack of motivation little by little i have spent time on this illustration whenever i could and i cannot believe this is something that i have painted, thank you greg for sharing his process in creating beautiful artworks such as his, i strive to be one day as good as you sensei.

i have also added a process video for everyone to enjoy to see how everything came together. As always feedback is welcome and i would appreciate it very much.



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