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the student gains control of her wings.

Brief Builder: Flying World, Limited Palette, Eerie, Medieval, Teacher.

Homework: Assignment

Lesson 2.1 Tonal Control

Creating a few different value compositions at this stage was a challenge because I already had conceptualised a rough value composition during the sketch phase. The way I tried different ideas was to move the light source a bit or move it out of shot. I also tried compressing the value range in different ways. They are all quite similar still. In the end I'll probably take a ideas from the first and last two studies.

The brush discovery part of this course has been helpful. I really like a lot of the brushes that Greg has supplied. My one issue is remembering which brush was the one I liked or was using. They all seem to be named similarly. I'm thinking over time I'll have to rename the based on what I think they are useful for. I like Corel Painter's brush palette better for this.

... Next onto colouring the painting.


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