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Painting a sci-fi scenario with a Romantic lean

I am trying to get inspiration form some Romantic painters in order to depict a sci-fi illustration. My main goal is that of creating a "gentle contrast" between a traditional technique and a futuristic subject.

Homework: Assignment

Thumbnail sketches

Hi all,

This is my first submission for Greg Rutkowski's course "Painting like the Old Masters". I decided not to publish the earliest phases of the assignment here, namely, the brief and reference selection stage. This is mostly because I chose some reference images that are protected by copyright and I am not sure how to behave with them on Learn Squared. Nevertheless, the generated categories for my brief were the following:


During my reference riding phase I adopted the following approach: I gathered reference about sci-fi metropolis from influential artists such as Raphael Lacoste and sunset paintings by Romantic OldMasters, with a particular focus on Friedrich, who represents my main reference for mood and color palette within this project. At the same time, I took pictures of actual sunsets and brooding skies.
My design-thinking process led me to develop the idea of a sunset on the sea, with a sci-fi metropolis on the background and some human characters on the foreground, plus some technological device which could highlight the sci-fi theme. After some preliminary sketching, I decided to focus on the idea of adding a mech wreckage on the middleground.

I am posting here the thumbnail sketches requested by Greg (I actually made 5 because I was not happy with one of them). I decided to carry on to the further steps the larger one I set aside. Let me know your thoughts on them.


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