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A sacred river at sunset

It is sunset and calm reigns on the banks of the river, at the end of a busy day in which many pilgrims have come to present their prayers and offerings to the goddess of the river. The last latecomer is setting off with the current, towards the sea and the infinite, bringing with it hopes and travails

Homework: Assignment

Skechts and references

My brief is quite interesting: Location - River, Color Scheme - Triadic, Ambience - Sacred, Time period - Modern Day. Before starting to look for good references, I have made a little research on the theme of the sacred rivers, finding really interesting info and ideas on this particular subject.
In many eastern religion, the river is a way to purify, to cleanse, to reach for the divine. They are the destination of pilgrimages.
Here are the references of the color scheme (triadic), cool paintings from the past to look how the brushwork was made to render the reflection of the light on the water, references for the mood and the theme sacred (for this I was inspired by the Chinese New Year and its floating lanterns - really cool)


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