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Painting Like The Masters Training
Homework: Assignment

My 4 Thumbnail Sketches

In this homework, I used the briefbuilder app under Paint Like The Masters category. I added a 5th category and got the following results:
Location: Metropolis
Color Scheme: Rich & Vibrant
Ambience: Dawn
Time Period: Space Age
Theme: Post Apocalyptic

Sketch #1: A scene of a woman waking up looking at the dawn scenery, a skyline of ruins and floating cities in the background. I was thinking of the woman attached to a device and a tree - maybe as a life support making it difficult to survive in their world to add an apocalyptic touch.

Sketch #2: A bottom angle showing a woman looking at the dawn which appears to be coming from unnatural setting. A rounded/ring city floats and the sky seems to float in different direction. The building behind her could be a ruin or space-aged buildings.

Sketch #3: A deer in centerpiece is a cliche but I'm planning to make it a cyborg deer. The left side of the scene could be space-age or robotic or mechanical or something else related to unknown technology. The right side of the scene are natural trees growing ~ feels like the trees trying to survive from the tech-corrupted world.

Sketch #4: The scene shows a dead person who is on a mission to make the world livable - by planting vegetation.
The mission was successful but it was too late for humanity to survive since natural vegetations don't grow fast. The mini robot is another point of interest where it is still brewing some coffee for the person without realizing - his pal was already gone. The background will the dawn of be space-aged ruins skyline and natural elements in middle ground.

I think I would choose #4 scene for my artwork as I really like its composition. I think it relates to our slowly dying world, like if we don't do something right now, who knows, a thousand years from now - could this really happen?
I have uploaded the sketch of the 4th scene added few details to it.


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