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'Tis the season to bloom.

Every year, during the end of the summer season, giant lotus buds are cultivated in cisterns and are worshipped, which are then transferred to a nearby lake when they are ready to bloom. The priests, their assistants and fellow people, as a part of tradition, carry these giant flower buds to the lake. This event is considered sacred and auspicious, as these flowers are a metaphorical representation of surviving and blooming in mucky conditions. The people celebrate in joy and glee and an air of festivity can be observed.

Homework: Assignment

Thumbnails and detailed sketch

For the environment references, I decided to use some inspiration from central asian and middle eastern architecture. I Since the mood was to be joyful and celebratory in nature, I looked for color refs which could convey such emotions as clearly as possibly (mainly warm tones with subtle temperature shifts in the shadows.


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