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the student prepares to take flight.

Brief Builder: Flying World, Limited Palette, Eerie, Medieval, Teacher.

Homework: Assignment

L1. reference > thumbnail sketches > refined sketch.

The Brief Builder random app gave me some interesting ideas about a medieval flying world. I adjusted a couple elements to limited palette like Greg was demonstrating to make it easier to hopefully achieve a similar painting. I also added character as a 5th element because I didn't want to just paint a landscape, which rolling Teacher, clicked a thought that during the medieval and renaissance period early attempts at flight were undertaken, someone might take up the profession of teaching flight to adventurous students. This made for a plausible story.

One breezy medieval day 1452 a teacher is instructing a student to fly his Ornithopter invention, will they land in the grassy field or get blown over the rocky cliff.
What will be their fate?

I'm planning to use dark and light value to symbolize the good and bad outcome. The afternoon sun being low to the horizon will cast nice dark shadows across the landscape and silhouette the flyer. The clothing, horse and cart, brick and stone buildings in the distance will set the period for the painting. I hope the composition of light will give an eerie mood to the painting.

Firstly I drew the four thumbnails as instructed. Thinking of different viewpoints, composition, and activity in the scene. I added an extra 4 refinement thumbnails to correct my 4th option (kinda taking it a bit far adding value). Then noticing Greg instructed in his refined sketch not adding values yet (guessing that's in the next lesson), so I did one final refined sketch as instructed getting in more detail for the characters and refining the perspective.


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