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Homework: Assignment


So this 'week 4's' home work took me the most part of a year... I took this lesson about 70+ days into my everyday journey and I immediately used the techniques I learned here into my daily pieces. Fast forward to today and I can happily say that these techniques are part of my daily workflow and habits.
Of the four techniques i found the Soft brush method the hardest to tame - but I fully understand the power of it but I struggle with capturing the relevant detail and harmony. But the real revelation to be was the working in line and also the smudge tool. This evolved further whereby I began to switch from using Jama's find-edges action to using traditional line drawings and scanning them in and then treat this with the smudge tool etc. I think having close to a year to really absorb these techniques have helped considerably in how I approach design and narrative. Bellow I have included some of the pieces which have heavily used these techniques in on top of the actual homework.

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