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Lesson 3 Homework


Homework: Assignment

The quote

"The man who comes back through the door in the wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out." - Aldous Huxley

"Moving at the speed of inspiration" - Josh Homme

My rationale for using this quote is that it best reflects my experience of learning and the journey of discovery. Through any and all experience the variables of learning and journey are entangled. Experience, in any event, is both physical and mental. The journey of becoming has seemed so complex but when broken down to its basic forms, you find a simplicity of principle, behind the complex chaotic nature of things. That connects and folds at the right point. Once these discoveries of subject and technique. There is no way of hiding a subject or object that has been illuminated, and your will never see, or know anything the same again.

Homework: Process

Brainstorm & Idea Organizer

This is my mind map that grows as the ideas get fleshed out and synthesized in the narrative and concept.

Homework: Additional Content


Homework: Additional Content


Realworld inspiration and style inspiration

Homework: Additional Content



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